Cane, Cash, and Brooke

We drove over to their 160-acre facility outside Albert Lea, MN, and met with Adam and Andrew.
They demonstrated their progressive levels of training from puppy to finished retriever. After watching 4 dogs at different levels of training complete everything from single marks to honoring to multiple marks, hand casting, and difficult water blinds, we knew this was the training program for our dog.

A year and a half and several dogs later, I’ve never met anyone who had the talent and recall ability regarding dog pedigree as Adam. Well known in the Chesapeake breeding circles, he has produced multiple titled dogs with the right match of temperament and ability. 

When it comes to developing a positive learning relationship with your “best friend”, Andrew’s ability to balance caring, patience and “just the right” amount of discipline, along with recognizing each dogs individual idiosyncrasies and traits, will produce a winner.
The proof of NGD’s talents can be seen in AKC Hunt Test results; numerous Junior, Senior and Master titles for their dogs. Not only do Adam and Andrew train your dog, they “really” do treat them as if they were their own dogs.

Andrew and Adam are not only excellent trainers and breeders but have also become good friends to us. They never tire of our questions, whether about pedigree or hunt tests; they’ll always take the time to meet our needs. And they are excellent when it comes to communication; from text messages, to photos and postings on their website, to “client day” training and cookouts.

If you are looking for excellent dog training by two men who are knowledgeable, competent and dedicated to what they do by producing proven results, NGD is the place for your dog.

These guys have the right qualities and personalities for success!! 

Barb & Tom MacKaben
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I contacted Adam Levy,  with my inquiries about the business and what they specialize in; Adam stayed on the phone with me for over an hour and answered every question I threw at him with confidence. Adam reassured my decision to go with a Chesapeake, a year later Kodiak was born. I made the trip to the kennel from Colorado to pick up Kodiak, after that I spoke with Adam everyday with questions and concerns; he never failed to answer. Six Months passed by quickly and it was time to take Kodiak back to begin his much-anticipated Gun Dog training. Andrew (Head Trainer) did an amazing job with Kodiak. There has never been a doubt in my mind about the decision I made a year ago to ensure Kodiak’s success as the hunting dog he is. Kodiak has retrieved over 1000 doves , 200 ducks so and 250 geese by the age of 1 year old. 

With Kodiak the compliments never cease. Everyone exposed to him is amazed by his character and behavior, and he continues to learn at a speedy pace. In a few months Kodiak will return to the kennel to continue his gun dog training. I would recommend Next Generation Gun Dog training to anyone interested in having an exceptional hunting dog. Not only area Adam and Andrew excellent dog trainers who know what they are doing, but I also now have new friends. 


Zach - Loveland, Colorado


Next Generation Alaska's Last Frontier (Kodiak) JH

Adam put our mind at ease on sending us background information on how they became the trainers they are and the steps that Dakota would take while at training. From the first day of puppy training to working towards her getting titled as well  as the most important retrieving of all the biggest of geese to the smallest of ducks. When we first went up to meet these guys we were a little scared about leaving our dog with two total strangers but from when we pulled in to the driveway to the time we left we knew that this was the right decision. One of our biggest worries was will Dakota remember us when we go back to see her in a few months. When we did return to see her, she was totally excited to see me as usual and may have wagged her tail a little over seeing Crystal. Our first actual visit to NGD after the initial drop off was very cool to see the progress Dakota has made from her first day of training to that present day. She was the same dog we left with them but with a bit more energy and training. They took us to watch all different dogs in their stages of training from land series to water series and showed us a few things to expect when we attended our first hunt test. That in itself was truly an awesome experience.  Adam has always been very knowledgeable in all areas of pedigree and temperament of dogs and what to look for in the future for Dakota. We have learned things over the past year and half that we never knew before in regards to what to look for in a dog. Adam is the man to ask and

he will put it in terms you can understand. He doesn't "talk over you" like you should know what he is talking about. What can we say about Andrew other than he is "Great" almost like the dog whispers at the training he does from puppy to senior dogs. He has patience to work with all ages regardless the age and breed of dog and as always his end result again is "amazing". Andrew will work with you and your dog one on one so that when you take your dog home you can continue to use the skills he has instilled in your dog.  These two are very respectable individuals and NGD is an amazing facility to take your "best friend" to, to get the training they deserve and need. They treat your dog as if it was theirs and no one else, they ensure that each and every dog they have is well cared for. These two have achieved many AKC hunt test titles from Juniors to Masters as well as HRC titles. Training is not their only area of expertise they also are great breeders and make sure that each and every litter produced is a good strong one that will produce great dogs.  We have not only gained two great trainers for life and will continue to take our dogs to them for training, but have also gained two lifelong friends. They take the time with the dogs as well as the clients. It’s nice to have "client days" so that all clients can see how their dogs have progressed and what new things they are working on.

Thanks Adam Levy and Andrew Barbouche for all you do and continue to do. We look forward to what the future holds for NGD!!!!!!

Thanks again Brian & Crystal Bruinsma

As a passionate hunter, I made the choice to invest in a hunting dog. After researching breeds for close to a year, I came across the Chesapeake Bay retriever. After deciding this was the breed for me, I began to research kennels. I spent hours contacting people to get no real answers. Eventually I came across Next Generation Gun Dog Training, it was clear immediately that they knew what they were doing. 

I just wanted to thank Next Generation Gun Dogs for my latest Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I purchased "Rogue" as a finished retriever who was a little under two years old. She is a great dog, sound in both disposition, looks, obedience, and hunting. What an amazing dog! Her disposition is great as I am a high school rugby and football coach and bring her into the school for practices and gym time as well as a spectator at games! She is friendly and always greets people with a wagging tail. She is solidly built and well bred....looking like a dark brown Chesapeake should with a nice wavy coat. As far as obedience the training done was top notch from come and sit to heel! I live in a suburban neighborhood and she is rarely on a leash. She lives in the house and I have had no problems with "accidents" or chewed objects. Not only does Next Generation Gun Dogs produce sound obedient dogs where they really shine is in their hunt training! Rogue is force fetched, cc, whistle trained, marks and retrieves birds from a blind and stays in range while flushing upland game. Within a week of owning her I shot 20 pheasants with her and each bird was flushed in range and retrieved to hand with a seated delivery. Overall, I cannot say enough about Next Generation Gun Dogs! I went to their facility and was very impressed not only by the dog that I purchased but the knowledge and professional atmosphere that they provide! I look forward to working with them in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for a "real deal" hunting and family companion.




J.D. Davis

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

NGD came highly recommended by nationally known breeder Spinnaker Ridge Chesapeake’s.  A friend and member of our local retriever club and field trial trainer contacted NGD for us to “ask the right questions” and determine their capabilities. After extensive inquiry our friend indicated he was very impressed with NGD’s background, dog knowledge, training abilities, experience and facilities. He assured us NGD “had what it takes”, and would be an excellent choice for training our Chesapeake.


When we had decided to get my children a dog, we had several breeds that we were looking into at the time. After talking to some friends, and my cousin (our resident dog expert), we had decided on the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I went online to look for breeders, and was lucky to find one so close to home. Adam Levy was a big reason why we purchased the dog. He was very welcoming, and let us come see the dogs several times prior to purchasing the puppy. He was very knowledgeable about the breed, and from seeing how he handled his dog, I was very impressed with what he had to offer. When Adam chose the puppy for us, he did a great job. Sadie is such a great dog, and member of our family. My kids lover her to death, and call her their little sister. She goes everywhere with us.

I would highly recommend using Adam Levy if you are looking for a Chesapeake Bay retriever, or any breed for that matter.  He was very knowledgeable, and is still available when we have questions. It was a great experience overall.

Gunner x Sage

I met both of these guys down in Texas 2 years ago just as they were putting together a very honest and reputable business that in my eyes is the best. HANDS DOWN! Adam is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the breeding and training program. Andrew has really impressed me throughout all of his training techniques. He is awesome with my dogs and seems to know just what to throw at them at the right time. He treats my dogs like they are his own. I know there are many others out there that do what he does but he is at the top of my list. Andrew is always willing to explain and answer any questions that I might have throughout the training process. These guys have three of my dogs (if that says anything) and one of them is out of one of their litters. All three of my dogs are right on track with the other with not one falling behind the other which shows me they do what it takes to make sure no dog gets left behind. If you’re looking for a great place for your best friend with the hopes of him/her coming home exactly how you imagined then Adam and Andrew are your guys!!!

Michael Armor

After purchasing our great chessie from Kim Peckman at Spinnaker Ridge Chesapeakes in Marysville, KS it was on to loving and caring for her but soon after it was time to start looking for a trainer. After months of googling and talking to several trainers (all over the country) on the phone, we found NGD several phone calls, emails and texts we exchanged with Next Generation Gun Dog Training on questions of their training, skills and overall background of Adam and Andrew, and weighing all the options of training for our 6 month old Chesapeake Dakota we decided to take her to Adam and Andrew at NGD. 

Gus JH (Pheonix x Lady Bell)

"He is a hunting machine... He has now hunted dove all season, blue wing teal and had his first big duck hunt this weekend. Smart as hell, follows birds/ my barrel in the air. Couldn't have found a better dog."


Next Generation

Gun Dog Training


My husband and I have owned Labs for over 20 years. Triton is our first “Chessie” and has been an amazing pup. You can be very proud of Sage and Gunner it was a great mix. Since the day we picked him up (and arrived home 6 hours later) he has been a joy. Not only handsome, he is extremely bright for his age. People who visit cannot get over how well he follows commands at his young age. While energetic as all young dogs are, he understands when it is time to settle down. What has impressed us most is how alert he is to the world around him; he notices the most subtle sounds and movements. Obviously, his favorite past times include swimming and retrieving which he will do until he wears us out. Triton has become a wonderful member of our family and are watching your future pups as we are hooked on Chessie’s. Adam, your passion for breeding these fantastic dogs is evident.


Thank you.

Suzanne Nangle   


Triton (Gunner x Sage Pup- 3/12/11)

Merit's Going Rogue JH

We searched for months and months to find a breeder that loved their dogs as much as we loved ours. After many empty attempts we came across Adam Levy. It was apparent from the moment we spoke with Adam that he not only knew the breed in and out but loved his dogs. We were certain this was the perfect match for us. After weeks of updates through emails and pictures the moment came to finally pick up our Josey. The anxiety of flying her across the United States was lessened with the reassurance Adam and Richard gave us. And from the moment we picked her up from the airport there was an instant connection. We felt as though we had known her through the many emails and phone conversations we'd had with her breeders. Each question and concern, no matter how insignificant it may have seemed to most, was just as important to Adam and Richard and was answered without fail. We look forward to the many years of wonderful memories we'll have with our new family member, Josey. And we can't thank you guys enough for enriching our lives the way you have. I would suggest anyone looking for a dog with an innate eagerness to learn, beautiful build and personality, and even bigger willingness to love, look into Adam's upcoming litters. We couldn't be happier with the decision we've made. Thanks again you guys!



Sara,Clark,and Josey :)

(Gunner x Claire - 1/1/12 litter)

(Gunner x Lauren)

Our decision to get a dog was not undertaken lightly. We knew going in that it would be a major decision for our family but from the get-go, we knew we wanted a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I had 2 of them growing up and had great experiences with both. After searching for a few weeks, I had the good luck to come upon Adam Levy who had recently bred a litter and had a few pups left. I was sold at first sight as was my wife and a week later we brought Millie home to the delight of our three children.

We had a good idea of what to expect with the dog, but what we didn't know and what turned out to be the greatest bonus, was the care and support of Adam. He followed up, checked up, answered questions (both silly and legitimate) any time and helped us with every aspect of dog ownership that we encountered. He never pushed us into anything, always letting us make our own decisions (although I can't think of any of his advice that I didn't listen to). Feeding, training, house-breaking, toys...when I stop to think about how much I truly DIDN'T know, I shudder thinking about what would have been without his support. To this day, he is still in contact with us and I can't emphasize enough just how important a role he played in our adjustment to having Millie.


Eric Chaffer

Millie (Gunner x Sage- 3/12/11)



Well Boone had his first full hunting season just come to an end, and he did GREAT! He picked up hundreds of ducks, over 100 geese, and did great on upland birds. Andrew did a great job on Boone. Boone started with Andrew as a 5 month old pup and stayed in training until he was a year and a half old. Boone will be back with Next Generation Gun dog Training next month to get ready for this upcoming hunt test season. Here is a picture of Boone on a snow goose hunt 2 weeks ago where he retrieved over 40 snows.


Thanks Again NGD,

Kenny Breyer

Thanks Adam!! The pup, not so much a pup anymore he's about 80lbs and soooo athletic!! He can launch so high in the air to catch his Frisbee sometimes I think he is just doing it to show off! He also can swim out past the surf and he barks at all the surfers its hilarious! He is so sweet and loving. I thought I could never love a dog as much as I did my old coon hound but this guy won me over. Do you think he will get much bigger? He's pretty lean and he eats like a champ. He's 1year and 4 months old now. Hope you guys are well!